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More Cubs rumors

More Cubs rumors

The Cubs have put in a bid for Japenese pitcher Yu Darvish. (beatofthebronx.com)

One of the downsides of the MLB offseason is that you have to rely on rumors and speculations until something actually materializes.  At this point, the Cubs are in the middle of various potential moves (or so we think):



  • They have put in a bid for Japanese right hander Yu Darvish.  If you don’t know, Yu Darvish is yet another Japanese product to receive a lot of hype similar to Daisuke Matsuzaka and Kosuke Fukudome.  Reports have said the Cubs put in a bid and were favorites to receive the rights to negotiate with Darvish, but other sources are saying the Toronto Blue Jays may have won the bidding.  I don’t care.  Ichiro Suzuki is the only consistent ballplayer to come out of Japan and I wouldn’t mind or care if the Cubs don’t land Yu Darvish.  Sure, it would be nice, but it wouldn’t matter that much despite the great need for pitching in the coming years.  Is it really worth the money to put our hopes in another Japanese question mark?



  • If Darvish goes to another team, expect the Garza trade talks to start up again.  The Rangers, Yankees and Athletics all might come and ask for Garza’s services in return for a bundle of players.


  • Some think the Cubs are front runners to land Prince Fielder.  Others don’t think so based on Theo Epstein’s reluctance to hand out big, long contracts.   The only thing the Cubs seem to have going for them is Dale Sveum’s pull as Fielder’s former hitting coach.  It would be a nice Christmas present to hear about Fielder signing with the Cubs, but I don’t think he’ll sign with anyone until next year.



  • The Cubs bought the “McDonald’s lot” across the street from Wrigley Field for $20 million.  I’m not as concerned with what the plans are for the property as I am with the fact that it cost $20 million dollars.  Why the hell was it so expensive?



  • Finally, this has nothing to do with the Cubs, I’m just really excited about it – If you’re a big Christopher Nolan fan like me, the prologue and trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has leaked.   I would include a link, but I’m sure the video would be removed by Warner Bros. by the time you clicked on it.  Troll the internet though, it’s definitely worth it.


If you’re interested in reading even more about the Cubs and other topics, head over to Brian Tarman’s personal blog, The Clark and Addison Street Journal.  Also, follow him on Twitter- @TarmanBrian.

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