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Cubs acquire RF David DeJesus

Cubs acquire RF David DeJesus

The Cubs recently acquired David DeJesus as well as his attractive and avid Cubs fan wife, Kim (sports.yahoo.com)

Does this sound familiar?:  “I don’t see the Cubs addressing right field as a priority and they will likely see what Colvin is made of when given a full season to work with.  Expect Colvin to get most of the work in right in 2012.”  If not, you didn’t read my recent post that will most likely and eventually be proven to have been way off base.  (Pun intended or unintended, whichever you prefer).

Well, the Cubs did address right field and signed left handed hitter David DeJesus, formerly of the Kansas City Royals and Oakland Athletics, to a deal worth $10 million for two years with a 2014 option.  The signing is bad news for Tyler Colvin who had the starting job in his pocket until Jed Hoyer worked his magic and created something out of nothing.

Career-wise, DeJesus has a .284 batting average and an OPS (On base + slugging) of .776.  You can see more of his statistics here.

As @BleacherNation pointed out, the main concern with DeJesus is his lefty/righty split.   His batting average against right handed pitchers is .265; his batting average against left handed pitchers is .174.  Yeesh.  He kind of sounds like a Bizarro Jeff Baker as Jeff Baker has done well against left handed pitching.

As I previously stated, I “expected” Colvin to start in right field, but I like the DeJesus signing.  I actually didn’t know much about him and when I heard about the move, I thought to myself, “The guy from the Royals?….”.  I think he will provide a reliable left handed bat which was something the Cubs had trouble getting from Kosuke Fukudome.   Plus, DeJesus’ really attractive wife is a Cubs fan and she definitely made that known when she tweeted:

@KimDeJesus12 - I was born a cubs fan, and now im married to one!!!!!! :) COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOOOO CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!


The signing was definitely a nice surprise and it’s good to see Jed Hoyer getting the gears in motion before the Winter Meetings.  This seems to be the first of many moves and eventually I may be eating more of my words regarding Darwin Barney when I said, “Count on Darwin Barney starting at second in 2012.”

Here’s what you can expect and count on.  Expect Jed Hoyer and Theo to make some more random but trustworthy moves.  Expect the Cubs to get a decent shot at signing Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder.  Count on the Cubs fielding a better team than we thought they would.


Who do you think the Cubs will sign next?  Let me know in the comments section.


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