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Photos: Comic Art Show

The Thursday before Thanksgiving, 10 local artists gathered in the back dining room of 42N Latitude Kitchen & Cocktails for the first ever Comic Art Show. The show covered the entire spectrum of comic book art, from digital design to water-color and everything in between.

One of the creators, Dave Losso did his best Andy Warhol with beer coaster celebrity paintings.”I made 100 paintings on beer coasters. It made sense since we’re in a bar,” Dave Losso said. Losso created a mural under the Cartoon Network playing on the television. Losso is the artist and writer of the kid friendly comic The Great Sandwich Detective and writes the non-kid friendly web-comic Kill the Wonder Hawks.

42N Latitude staff passed complimentary appetizers to the art goers in the room. “We wanted to try some new ideas out tonight,” said Kurt Warnstedt owner of the establishment. The big hits of the night were the reuben egg rolls and chorizo stuffed shrimp.

Max Bare the owner of his own pop culture art gallery OhNo! Doom was on hand with his buddies Zoran Govjic and Dave Schneider releasing their first comic book Mystery Afoot. A witty affair of the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot versus the evil Santa Claus, insert shenanigans here.

All the artists drank and had a good time as more than 100 people showed up for the event. The crowded back room saw many people go home with original pieces of art. Who knows, you could have bought the next big thing?

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