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The myth and the legend: The Triangle Building

The myth and the legend:  The Triangle Building

The Cubs organization should focus on the proposed plan during the offseason (http://trianglebuilding.blogspot.com/)

The 2011 season isn’t over yet for the Chicago Cubs, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of fans checked out back in June.  The team is obviously not making the playoffs and the World Series drought will continue.  Now is the time to begin contemplating what changes need to be made to the team and to the organization.

The focus in the offseason will be on Tom Ricketts and his handling of the General Manager sweepstakes.  Once the new GM is hired, a wave of questions concerning Mike Quade’s status will descend upon the organization.  Fans will be looking for a fresh start with a new GM, a new manager and a new and improved roster.  The rebuilding phase will begin and the Chicago Cubs will attempt to rise from 103 year old ashes.

I have a feeling that few people will even think about other issues that are facing the organization, but they should.  Crane Kenney still has a job right?  Yes, unfortunately.  So while Kenney still has a job, he needs to join the reconstruction and follow through with plans that have seemingly been sitting on the shelf for the past few years.  The team seems to be all talk with no follow through, especially when it comes to business plans.

I recently received an email from a guy named Marty, and he has been involved with the plan for the straightforwardly named “Triangle Building” (as it would rest on a triangular piece of land near the corner of Waveland and Clark).  Marty has put together a website that details the plans for the Triangle Building and outlines how the organization and denizens of Wrigleyville would benefit.  In short, it would be a multi-level structure with the first floor dedicated to a Cubs Pro Shop.  The second floor would feature a Cubs Hall of Game and walkways that would connect to Wrigley Field itself.  The third floor would include some offices for Cubs management and maybe even a sports medicine facility.

Basically, the plan looks and sounds really cool.  You view the website here for more information.

The Triangle Building would be a great step forward for the organization as they attempt to start anew with an incoming GM, possibly a new manager and fresh faces in uniforms.  The time is now for the Cubs to institute a full throttle plan that demonstrates they are serious about winning and serious about creating a consistent winning culture.  The organization needs to utilize its resources to create a winning team and a winning business.

It will be interesting to see what new plans the organization has for the 2011-12 offseason and how drastic the changes will be.


What do you think about the Cubs’ plans for The Triangle Building and for the offseason in general?  Let me know in the comments section.


If you’re interested in reading even more about the Cubs and other topics, head over to Brian Tarman’s personal blog, The Clark and Addison Street Journal Also, follow him on Twitter- @TarmanBrian.

6 Responses to The myth and the legend: The Triangle Building

  1. Big Lar

    Hard to get excited about a building when the team that inhabits it is so mediocre, including the management team. Until the Cubs get a forward thinking GM, it is hard to be optimistic about their future. I just hope the Rickets don’t make us pine for the good old days of the Tribune!

  2. It’s at least something to think about. The plan should be:

    1. Hire a good GM
    2. Fire Mike Quade and interview Ryne Sandberg and Bob Brenly for position, among other reasonable candidates
    3. Acquire new players and reconsider moving Castro to a new position.
    4. Permanently bench Alfonso Soriano
    5. Build up farm system
    6. Begin developing plans for Triangle Building and hotel complex on Clark Street

  3. sendy wenn

    I didn’t know much about this plan. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check out the website. I continue to think positively about the Cubs’ future!

  4. John Doe

    Very cool way to give some modern flair to a classic (yet very old) stadium. Marty’s website looks legit, hopefully the Cubs will give it some consideration! I need somewhere to take my kids after they’re bored watching the Cubs starting rotation get lit up by the 4th inning.

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  6. Kelly

    I am so excited about the new land. I am doing my thesis on this, for my design school. I would love to hear some ideas of what others would like for the building to entail!

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