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A bride’s worst nightmare, bed bugs!

It’s your wedding day and you wake up in your hotel room and get ready to have breakfast with your bridesmaids and you notice that you’re covered in bug bites. You start to scream and then you hear your maid of honor screaming in her room. You run to her and she is covered in bug bites also. You both start to cry and slowly the rest of your bridesmaids come out of their rooms covered in bug bites and crying as well. Your wedding was ruined because the hotel you were staying at was infested with bed bugs!

This nightmare of a story was told to my fiancé just six days before our wedding and now I know way too much about bed bugs. I can’t tell you which Chicago hotel this wedding nightmare took place in but I will give you the best information to prevent this bad dream from happening to you.

The internet is your best friend. There are several websites dedicated to bed bugs and if you want to sleep at night do not click on the pictures. These were to the top two websites on bed bugs.

This is where you go first. The bed bug registry tells you every place in the United States that has a reported case of bed bugs. Also, this is the place where you can report a bad experience as well. This is the Yelp for bed bugs.

This is your total bed bug information website. Badbedbugs.com has everything from inspecting your hotel room to how to treat or prevent bed bugs.

After checking every part of the internet this was the most disgusting piece of information I found.

When you inspect a room for bedbugs, make sure you wear disposable medical gloves! Bedbugs gorge on the blood of humans, so much so that they can easily pop with very little pressure. When a bedbug pops, it will splatter blood and you may be exposed! – from badbedbugs.com

Good luck sleeping tonight!

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