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Danny Cox

Beyond the Field

  • Age: 23
  • 'Hood: Wrigleyville
  • Fave spot: Risque Cafe and Browns games at Red Ivy

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He may not be straight outta' Compton, but Danny Cox knows a thing or two about the streets. Namely, they have green signs and are where you can find the best foods. A transplant from Ohio, Danny can also be found playing bass in the AC/DC tribute band Riff/Raff and working with the Steppenwolf Theatre.

Matthew Sardo

Dork Squared

  • Age: 34
  • 'Hood: Wrigleyville/North Center
  • Fave spot: Sunday nights at Trace

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A 20-something trapped in the body of a 30-something describes me perfectly. I have taken ownership of my dorkdom and launched it to a whole new level with my love of hockey, comic books, scotch, mash potatoes and Chicago. You can catch me playing hockey at North Avenue Beach during the summer, looking for the best tacos at 3 a.m., saving my pennies for Comic Con and sneaking my way into the good seats at Soldier Field.

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