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Matthew Sardo

Dork Squared

  • Age: 34
  • 'Hood: Wrigleyville/North Center
  • Fave spot: Sunday nights at Trace

A 20-something trapped in the body of a 30-something describes me perfectly. I have taken ownership of my dorkdom and launched it to a whole new level with my love of hockey, comic books, scotch, mash potatoes and Chicago. You can catch me playing hockey at North Avenue Beach during the summer, looking for the best tacos at 3 a.m., saving my pennies for Comic Con and sneaking my way into the good seats at Soldier Field.

Taste more of Chicago

Taste more of Chicago

This is what $24 purchased at the Taste of Chicago Wednesday afternoon. You decide if it was “taste more” or “tasteless.” 1 Pulled pork sandwich – The Smoke Daddy This sandwich tasted awesome but I need more pork! 1 Bud Light Smallest 16 ounce cup ever. 1 Mac & Cheese – Manny’s Cafeteria and Delicatessen…


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