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Local crochet queen sells customized accessories

Local crochet queen sells customized accessories

Crocheted throw (Maggie's Closet 09 photo)

I recently started working in Canaryville, which is about a zip code away from Pilsen.  A client, who is a resident of Bridgeport/Canaryville, told me about Maggies Closet 09, the business of a local crocheter.

Is “crocheter” even a word?

Anyway, Maggie’s Closet 09′s claim to fame is their crochet items for kids and babies.  However they also sell unique goodies for teens and adults.  Check out some past products:

Fingerless mittens (Maggie's Closet 09 photo)

Scarf for adults (Maggie's Closet 09)

Adult newsboy hat (Maggie's Closet 09 photo)


For more information on Maggies Closet 09, visit the facebook page.  The Etsy page is called Sugared Yarn, but the shop is currently “on vacation” for the holidays.

Know of any other nearby residents who are selling handmade wares? Share here or tweet me @CMarieHarrell.



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