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7 ways to actually get fit in 2012!

The most popular New Year’s resolution is always to loose weight and get in shape. Yet by March most gym memeberships are already put on the back burner and as soon as the warm weather hits so do the parties and barbeques. I have written down a few tips for those of you looking to actually loose weight and get fit  in 2012!

1 Drink more water: Aren’t you tired of hearing this? I know I am. But we all know that it’s true. What I can suggest though is adding a little flavor to your water by adding fruit. I cut up lemon, fruit or my favorite, cucumber and add it to my water to make it not so boring. For even more fun in healthy beverages I suggest getting a juicer and letting the good times roll!

2 Every little bit helps: Remember that loosing weight is about changing your lifestyle and your way of thinking. So throughout your day fit in time to burn a few extra calories. Can you actually walk those six flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator? Hosing w about carrying those grocery bags instead of using your cart?

3 Join a gym: This is not for everyone but I love the gym. I do not have a great gym to suggest in Pilsen but I love La Fitness at Roosevelt and Canal. You will have to haggle for a decent rate so stand firm, but the amenities are awesome. Remember that you are paying money for this gym and don’t let it go to waste.

4 Get more active: If the gym isn’t your thing then find ways to get more active. You can always try hot yoga, dance classes or martial arts. HERE is a link to Windy City fencing, which sounds like a very cool way to get in shape!

5 Kids and dogs: Anyone that has either will tell you that kids and dogs always help you to stay in shape. If you don’t have kids or dogs borrow them! A free babysitter or dog sitter that is willing to play for a couple of hours and tire out someone’s child or pup is always appreciated. You  can do a good deed for someone else and get in some exercise.

6 Use social media and apps: The beauty about Twitter, Facebook and iapps is that you can have the news and positive influences that you want right in your face. So add some celebrity trainers to your timeline and there are tons of fitness apps that will show you new workouts, how to count calories, give you new recipes and more!

7. Start Now: The best way to get started on your New Year’s Resolution is to start before New Year’s. Sign up for that class or gym membership before next week. Go to the grocery store now and stock up on fruits and veggies so that you can really put your plan into action come January 1st 2012!

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