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Non-holiday movies!


I am doing my best to do as little holiday celebrating as possible and holding up so far even though I had to turn my phone off. I am sticking to my guns in my anti-holiday spirit and have found some like-minded individuals along the way. We all usually hate this time of year for a very good reason so I send out my blessings those of you in pain and angst. I have decided to share my Hulu account with all of my favorites and a special “La Princesa” Playlist for all of you out there trying to avoid Christmas specials because they sure are plentiful.  I watched a movie last night called E.S.L that was great! You do have to hunt through Hulu for the good ones but they are there. So you can check out my profile HERE with some recommendations and all of my favorites and I promise you none of them are about Christmas.

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