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Bah-humbug! 5 Ways to avoid the holidays

Me and my late husband Andres

I have always sort of  hated Christmas. I think it’s a holiday of American consumerism and the nasty attitudes that people develop are often unbearable. If people really went around doing for others wholeheartedly and giving to others from a genuine place in their hearts and not simply out of fear of a social back-lash then maybe I could begin to respect it. To make matters worst I lost my husband two days after Christmas two years ago so for me, Christmas and New Years is a most depressing time. I’m sure I’m not the only one the can’t wait for this season to be over so here are some tips to completely avoid the holidays all together.

1. Validate yourself: Allow yourself to not like the holidays. It’s alright. Unless you are going out and murdering reindeer or punching Santas there’s no reason to feel bad about not being in the holiday spirit. Your opinions and your experiences are valid and you don’t have to participate if you don’t want to.

2. Blast your favorite music all of the time: Be ready because that holiday music is playing every freaking where!! Load up your ipod with some new tunes and get ready to crank up your home and car stereos. Download a couple of new albums from your favorite artists and tune out.

3.Stay busy: Everyone will tell you this but it’s a great suggestion. If you can work from home do so. If you really need to organize that terror of a hall closet, then go for it. Fill in the time by doing some important but maybe not so pleasant things. It will make you feel accomplished afterwards.

4.Do not watch TV:  For me this is a given all of the time but this is especially true if you are trying to avoid the holidays. Every tv show is going to have a special, every movie, a Christmas movie and then there are the commercials.  I suggest getting some RedBox or Netflix goodies and there is always Hulu if you need to catch up on a show. This can also be a good time to read more but if you are following #3 the TV thing shouldn’t be too difficult.

5.Spend the toughest days doing something you love: I highly recommend this one. This is what gets me through the toughest days. If you’re artistic then create something new. If you like to cook then get elaborate and cook up something that will put your friends holiday dinners to shame. If you have been thinking of crafting something then go ahead and get out your supplies and get crafty!

I hope everyone has a good holiday if they are celebrating and for those of us that get sad or lonely around the holidays I hope this helps make it easier.

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