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Donde esta la Princesa ?

Hellllllo Pilsen! Sorry I have been off of the radar for a bit. I have been dealing with some health issues and exploring some new career options that will have me travelling a great deal. I have been to Michigan, Alaska, Wisconsin, Utah and Colorado since my last post and am writing you from Detroit today. My health is on the mend and I have a new haircut, a new crown (made it myself, thank you very much) and  I am starting a new Vlog called La Vida de la Princesa. This vlog will be an inside view into my life, my art, the work, shows and exhibitions of my fellow Pilsen artists and musicians and some sneak peeks at my travels. I have absolutely no editing skills however so you guys will have to be patient with me through the process. I will be in Pilsen only about 50% of the time so I will need your help with events and happenings in the community. If you want to contact me directly please feel free to email me at chelciesporter@gmail.com 






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