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Another Southside hood you’ve never heard of

Most of my friends live up north, and to some of them, anything south of Downtown is “Far South,” including Pilsen. Also, to some Northsiders, the “Southside” is a homogenous mass.  Just U.S. Cellular Field and ghettos.

But like the Northside, every Southside neighborhood has a different vibe, a different story, and reflects a different kind of Chicago.

Well, the other night, I switched on Vocalo 89.5 because they were talking to Bill Healy, who is the producer of the series, “Auburn Gresham Chicago.”  Vocalo is the sister station to WBEZ.  During this particular segment, they were talking about a gay, African-American man who lives in the Auburn Gresham neighborhood.  He commutes from 79th street to Boystown often to write for ChicagoPride.com.

I was curious because when I think Auburn Gresham, I don’t think “gay-friendly.” I missed most of the interview because my internet connection is shoddy, but here’s a video about the young man, Terrence Chappell, for those interested.

Auburn Gresham, Chicago – Terrence Chappell from WBEZ on Vimeo.

By the way, one of Auburn Gresham’s claims to fame is that St. Sabina, the parish of Fr. Pfleger, is down there. Fr. Pfleger is the activist priest in Chicago who always seems to get in trouble with the Archdiocese for being all activisty.

I should listen to talk radio more often!  Anyone out there call Auburn Gresham home?  What else makes it unique?  Share here or tweet me @CMarieHarrell.



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