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Citizens march against coal in Pilsen

Citizens march against coal in Pilsen

March for clean air (Christine Harrell photo for RedEye)

While driving down 18th street this Saturday, I found a group of a few dozen or so people marching eastbound with placards and megaphones.  At first, I thought they were members of Occupy and marching for that movement, but upon closer look realized that they were marching for something a little closer to home.

They were demanding clean air in Pilsen.

Apparently, the marchers were affiliated with a few groups, including the Pilsen Environmental Rights and Reform Organization (P.E.R.R.O.).  According to their website, this Saturday was a day of action against coal, particularly Midwest Generation.  They run the two big coal plants that are polluting Pilsen and Little Village.

The plan was for the marchers to meet up with Occupy Chicago and march on to Midwest Generation’s headquarters downtown. Anyone out there know the outcome?  Share here or tweet me @CMarieHarrell.



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