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Two more stores are going out of business

Two more stores are going out of business

Kawaii Japanese Outlet photo

I have mixed feelings whenever I go to a “Going Out of Business Sale.”  I feel sorry for the workers who are on the verge of unemployment, but my inner bargain-hunter loves the deals.

Two nearby stores are going out of business: Kawaii Japanese Outlet and the Payless by Roosevelt and Kedzie.

I kept putting off going into Kawaii.  But now that everything is 30% or more off, and the store is on the verge of closing, I stopped in and bought a couple things for an otaku that I know.  They have a sample of East Asian tchotchkes, not unlike a store you might find in Chinatown or Albany Park.  They sell clothes, kitchenware, school supplies and some Hello Kitty goodies for cheap.  And Pocky.

Sometimes I miss Pocky…

Anyway, and as of the weekend, everything at the Roosevelt and Kedzie Payless was at least 30% off.  I usually wait until their BOGO sales, but buying a $50 pair of shoes for $35 is cool, especially when it’s the only pair left in that style.  They still had a decent selection of this season’s styles.

So if you or someone on your wishlist is in need of Bento boxes or ballet flats, ceramics or slippers, head over to the West and Near West Side.

Kawaii Japanese Outlet-1338 S. Halsted St.

Payless ShoeSource- 3248 W. Roosevelt Rd.

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