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Pamper your pets around Pilsen

Pamper your pets around Pilsen

Sometimes I like to do yuppie things, such as shop at little pet boutiques.  You know your neighborhood is gentrifying when there are specialty stores for Fido and Fluffy.

But the designer pet shops do have some super cute items.  And I can afford organic catnip once in a while.

Well, there aren’t posh pet shops in Pilsen yet, but the surrounding neighborhoods are home to a few pet boutiques.

Paw Naturals-932 W. Monroe
I stopped here en route to another store.  Sadly, their kitty section is much smaller than their dog section.  However, they gave me a coupon that is good for 10% off my next purchase, and I signed up for their email list.  They periodically send coupons.  Also, I got some free samples of kitty treats.

Kriser’s-1103 S. State
This is Kriser’s South Loop location.  They have hooked me up with free cat food samples on multiple occasions.  The selection for cats is better than Paw Naturals, but most pet boutiques I have ever visited sell more dog items than cat items.  I also liked them in my pre-car days, as they are convenient to the el.

Tails on Taylor-919 S. Loomis
Tails on Taylor is the closest specialty store to me, but I still have yet to visit.  They gave out free samples at a pet blessing, which is where I first heard about them.  Have you visited them yet?  I do plan to check it out one day.  There is a kitty on my gift list…

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