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Where to find soy tacos in Little Village

Where to find soy tacos in Little Village

I was cruising around Little Village this afternoon and stopped in one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, El Faro.  For those of you who don’t know, Little Village is the neighborhood just west of Pilsen.  El Faro is on 31st Street, right by Pulaski.

Mexican food is tricky when you are avoiding animal products. Authentic restaurants use lard for just about everything, including refried beans. I even have eaten shiny, slightly bacon-y tortilla chips from a restaurant in Pilsen…

El Faro, though, is probably the most authentic, veg-friendly Mexican place south of downtown.  I’ve tried most of their vegetariana menu, but today went with the soy chorizo tacos.

El Faro soy chorizo tacos (Christine Harrell photo for RedEye)

El Faro soy chorizo tacos (Christine Harrell photo for RedEye)


The chorizo is made of textured vegetable protein, or TVP, which is soy protein.  It has the consistency of tender ground beef. With a bunch of spices, salt and grease, it’s hard to tell that it’s not ground animal. Never ever ever eat TVP without seasoning!

El Faro’s soy chorizo tacos are topped with minced white onions and a bunch of cilantro.  You really don’t need more than that, but I usually pour on the salsa they give you on the side anyway.

Did I mention that the tacos are $3.50 for two before taxes? Super cheap!

Any other place in Little Village that is veg-friendly?  Share here or tweet me @CMarieHarrell.

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