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Morfin aims to represent Pilsen

Morfin aims to represent Pilsen

Morfin (Tribune photo)

I was bummed, though not surprised, when Morfin lost the aldermanic runoff election to what’s-his-name. Sadly, he didn’t have enough money to hire a bus, pick up senior citizens and transport them to early voting booths. He also doesn’t know enough rich folks to schmooze into voting for him, I guess.

Plus, before the runoff, flyers went out about Morfin’s failed business. The flyers neglected to mention how the current alderman contributed to the downfall of the business…

Anyway, Morfin announced on his facebook page tonight that he filed petitions at the Board of Elections in Springfield. He wants to run for Illinois State Representative of the 2nd District! Hooray!

Morfin is very progressive, along the lines of Del Valle, and seems to be in touch with the needs and concerns of Pilsen’s neediest residents. He also took a stand against the big coal polluters, and most likely inspired the current alderman to do the same.

For more info on Morfin, check out morfinfor25thward.com.

5 Responses to Morfin aims to represent Pilsen

  1. Alfredo

    I voted for Temoc in the last election and voted for him in 2007. He is a better choice than Danny Solis. But what has he done between the two elections and after the 2011 election. I followed his webpages and his facebook and haven’t seen any advocacy that I expect out of a reformer. I am currently afraid we are getting more of the same with him. I am hoping I am wrong but now he is running in another election and claiming to do something for the community again. Isn’t that like most politicians who only show up during elections to do work? Seems to be more of the same to me.

    I hope I am wrong but so far I don’t see any change out of him. Just talk. We have enough talk and politicians, we need a representative and I am not sure he is the better choice anymore. Seems he has just become a perennial candidate and the usual politician who is here just to make promises and show up for photos and election day.

    • Moises Moreno


      I work closely with Temoc Morfin since he was part of Benito Juarez Academy Expansion in 2006 and I will tell you he is genuine and is not a politician. Since the last Aldermanic campaign ended in April of this year, he has been spending time with his family, and getting himself back on his feet. The campaign drained many of us physically,mentally and spiritually taking on a powerful Alderman was no easy task, and we were all disappointed he lost, since we fought with such spirit and passion…So please excuse my friend Temoc and we invite you to join our new and improved campaign so you can meet him personally and you decide for yourself his substance of character and integrity…If you are interested in getting involved in your community, let us know so we can work together. Moises “Moy” Moreno moymoreno.25ward@gmail.com

  2. moises moreno

    regarding Morfin website its up and coming…however, I’ve learned that the sweetest moments in life are never recorded, helping the elderly, or feeding and housing the homeless, or just helping neighbors, the good deeds we do often go unsung…thats the beauty of it, would you rather have a candidate showboating everything he or she does to get attention, or someone who gets things done but never hear about it? but please come join us Christine and get a first hand look at Temoc Morfin ,the man…peace

  3. Sorry for my delay in responding, but thanks for the update Moises! That’s true, it would seem phony if Morfin posted every single time he did a good deed, like he was only doing it to get attention. I look forward to an updated facebook/website, however.

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