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Youth to exhibit artwork

Looks like Pilsen isn’t the only Southside hood that likes to mix art, activism, community change, and all that good stuff.

Urban Activators, an IIT student group that is part of a community engagement design studio, The Alley Project (TAP), a community organization based in Detroit, and Youth Nation will be showcasing work their students created over this past semester. In a nutshell, they are using photography to tell Bronzeville’s story.

It’s so inspiring to see young people engaging in dialog, trying to foster change in their community. The Southside might not have the best reputation in the city, but every hood has community leaders acting as rays of hope.

By the way, the students are showcasing their work on Monday, November 14, 2011, at 6:00 p.m. Check them out at Savoy Square at 4448 S. State Street. For more information on Urban Activators, and more about the four months of work that went into this initiative, check out http://urban-activators.org/.

Who are some other community leaders working to foster positive change, particularly in Pilsen? Share here or tweet me @CMarieHarrell.

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