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Forget you, Air and Water Show

Forget you, Air and Water Show

I can't see it, but I can hear it. (Christine Harrell photo for RedEye)

One of the great things about living north of Cermak and east of Western is now I am just biking distance from the Lakefront. However, because I live just miles from the Lake, that means for one weekend every year, I am also within hearing distance of the Air and Water Show, whether I like it or not.

So even though I am too far south and too low to the ground to actually see the Air and Water Show, I still get to listen to its soundtrack Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Now, if two million people want to camp on the people’s Lakefront, break their eardrums and watch some war machines do death-defying tricks, that’s their business.  I however, do not want to see the latest and greatest in killing machines.  The sleek aerodynamic designs and air dances are not enough to distract me from the main purpose of military planes: to annihilate people…quickly and efficiently…en masse.

Some might argue, “First of all, there were civilian planes too.  And second of all, get more than two miles from the Lake if it bugs you so much, you bleeding heart hippie! We real patriots want to celebrate militarism.”

Well, I did get away from the Lake. I went north of Uptown and and west of Western to visit a friend.  Guess what? I STILL heard it.

The Air and Water Show is one of the biggest, most-attended events in Chicago. I know its popularity won’t go down any time soon, especially because it’s a free event.  But still, I can dream that someday, it at least it will be reduced to one day per year…

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