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Book clubbing at Simone’s: Not recommended

Book clubbing at Simone's: Not recommended

Patrons at Simone's (Metromix file photo)

Ah, Summer. Many teachers, like me, spend their ten week vacay from kids hitting the beach, seeing the world and poking fun at their working friends on facebook. “It’s ten in the morning and I just woke up. Have fun at work. LOL!”

Summer for me, though, also means reading some grown-up books.

I am one of the Assistant Organizers of a book club meetup, Read the Classics.  It was my turn to pick a book, and I selected Like Water for Chocolate.  Usually, we meet in a bar in Lincoln Park.  Because the book takes place in Mexico, I thought, “Why not pick a location in Pilsen?” So I brought my fellow bookworms down to Simone’s .

Now, most of the coffee shops in Pilsen have a more south-of-the-border flavor, which matches the book.  I thought none had enough space for two dozen people to gab, though. There is a large room in the back of Simone’s with long booths and plenty of tables and chairs.  It also tends to be quiet back there, especially on Sundays, which is when we meet.

Sadly, the space was reserved.

Instead, the Simone’s staff crammed us into the cozy DJ area.  Everyone had a place to sit, though.  It was sometimes hard to hear each other as a speaker above us blared music.  Of course, none of us bothered to go downstairs and ask someone to lower the volume.  The music eventually quieted down anyway, at the end of our meeting.

I still love Simone’s, but perhaps there is another location in Pilsen better suited for book clubbing.  What spots in Pilsen do you recommend for meetings? You can also tweet your suggestions to me @CMarieHarrell.

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