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Battle renewed at Pilsen school

Battle renewed at Pilsen school

(Yana Kunichoff photo for RedEye)

Cool roundup/update of all that’s going on with CPS vs. the Whittier Elementary parents, from the Chicago Journal:

The Chicago Public Schools stopped construction of a library for Whittier Elementary School in Pilsen last week, because members of the Whittier Parents Committee have blockaded the school. The committee of about 30 parents and other Pilsen residents want a library, but elsewhere — ideally in a field house adjacent to the school.

In a letter to members of the Whittier Parent Committee, new CPS head Jean-Claude Brizard wrote that, “As a result of your continued opposition in allowing us access to the school, we have no other choice than to cancel construction of the library project this summer.” Construction crews don’t have enough time to complete the library, Brizard wrote, before classes resume in September.

The decision reignites a prolonged battle between CPS and Whittier parents, which has highlighted public school inequalities and also ineffective communication by both parents and the schools.

Read more: Battle renewed at Pilsen school | News | Chicago Journal.

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