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The hc quest part 4: citygrounds

The hc quest part 4: citygrounds

My camera phone doesn't do the marshmallow justice (Carrie Emge photo for RedEye)

On Friday’s RedEye CityGrounds coffee bar was featured for their hot chocolate on page 23. I decided to add it to my list since it is in our own ‘Hood.

When I walked in I discovered that it was my lucky day! You could decorate Christmas cookies FOR FREE. Hello, Happiness! Nothing goes better with hot chocolate than a Christmas cookie.

Decorating christmas cookies is not my biggest talent, but it was tasty! (Carrie Emge photo for RedEye)

When I ordered I, of course, went with the toasted marshmallow over the whipped cream. My HC rule of thumb is marshmallows > whipped cream. No ifs, ands, or buts. I was also happy they gave me a spoon so I wouldn’t have the dreadful chocolate sludge at the end.

Leonor Vivanco gave it 3/5  on the cocoa factor and I agree. I wasn’t blown away. There was too much froth for my liking.  When I finally got to the actual beverage part, it tasted like watery-chocolate milk. However (even though I stirred it every so often), it tasted better towards the end. The marshmallow (perfectly toasted) was amazing. The gooeyness of it definitely helped this drink.

Would I go back for this? Probably not, but if I was in the area or needed to kill time, sure. I don’t know if I’d come here to catch up with a friend though. The tables were super close together (maybe because they had a Christmas tree up?). I felt like I was being obtrusive to the couple next to me, even though I was just reading. There’s an upstairs area, but I didn’t venture up there because I didn’t feel like being around little kids.


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