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Man on the street: What’s the most underrated Thanksgiving Food?

Man on the street: What's the most underrated Thanksgiving Food?

Every year, Americans look forward to Thanksgiving as a time to get together with family and consume copious calories. But while the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy get all the attention, other delicious items are sometimes overlooked and cast aside.

With that in mind, we asked some DePaul students what they think is the most underrated Thanksgiving food.

Julia Henning“Cranberry sauce. Because it’s one of those things that comes in a can, that no one’s really that hyped about, eaten with everything because obviously it’s not as savory. But I mean I think it’s that nice little sweet combination that tops it all off. How can you not have the cranberry sauce?”

-Julia Henning, 19 (sophomore)

Dylan Cue“The bread. Having good bread at Thanksgiving is just what it’s all about. My dad bakes, so he’s got his own recipe that he does, baguettes and just general bread stuff. It’s fantastic.

  -Dylan Cue, 20 (senior)

Elizabeth Montes“Pumpkin Pie. Maybe because there’s no point to it. I guess it’s just another ‘Hallmark’ thing. It came from nowhere [historical], it’s just pumpkin pie but everyone eats it. I love pumpkin pie.”

-Elizabeth Montes, 20 (junior)

Kyle Jones“Ham probably. Everyone puts too much emphasis on turkey. I like both of them, it’s just I like ham better.”

-Kyle Jones, 22 (senior)

Micky Leyret“The whole meal could be all stuffing and I would be happy. It’s just so damn tasty. It should just be stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy. The only reason you have the bird is to be able to make the gravy”.

-Micky Leyret, 22 (senior)

Scott Edlund“Probably dessert. Just anything, because everyone is full by then, so I don’t think people usually save enough room for dessert. That’s important. My mom’s best friend owns a bakery so she always brings tons of cakes and cookies and just everything you could ever imagine.”

-Scott Edlund, 20 (junior)

Kaitlynn Tracy“Anything cinnamon. Or pumpkin. Not really. I just like anything pumpkin or cinnamon, just classic fall food. Everybody is always focused on the turkey. Turkey’s not that great.”

-Kaitlynn Tracy, 18 (freshman)

What would you say is the most underrated Thanksgiving food? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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