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Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival at Stage 773

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival at Stage 773

The Other Other Guys, one of 138 groups at this year's Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, through Sunday. Image: SHOUT Marketing

What with the unexpected almost-spring that is January thus far, the winter blues have yet to set in. Stave them off a little longer with the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, which continues tomorrow night through Sunday at Stage 773 (1225 W. Belmont).

The 11th annual Sketch Fest, which opened last Friday, features more funny than ever before: 162 performances by more than 138 local, national and international sketch groups. Chicago Sketch Fest is the largest sketch comedy festival in the nation.

I attended Sketch Fest┬álast weekend and had a most excellent time! I mean, the first act I saw – Reformed Whores – sang sweet country songs about birth control, girl crushes and drunk dialing. What’s not to love?

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