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Shop in the 'hood

Best. Threadless shirt. Ever. Image:

I’m not a fan of Christmas shopping. Let’s just get that out there. Two holiday stints at bookstores cured me of any and all affinity for braving the masses while “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” (or worse, Michael Buble’s bro-tastic “Santa Buddy”) blares over the loudspeaker for the kajillionth time.

I’m also a procrastinator.

That and my dislike for Christmas shopping are not exactly a winning combination.

“Shop online!” people yell at me. “That requires planning!” I yell back.

One of the many, many reasons I’m happy to live in Lakeview? I’m within spitting distance of a bunch of fantastic local stores. Now, I don’t always patronize them and I feel guilty as all get-out about it, but I made a real effort last weekend to keep as much of my shopping as possible in the neighborhood.

And let’s just say I got some amazing gifts. I can’t reveal too many secrets because I have family members who read these posts. However, I can reveal where Santa Lauren packed up her magical secondhand Coach bag this year for the folks on her nice list:

  • Threadless (3011 N. Broadway). A grassroots company I can get behind. Plus I will always love the store that gave me the T-shirt that illustrates The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love.”
  • Reckless Records (3126 N. Broadway). Deep personal secret time: in 2007, I bought a used set of “The Hills” DVDs from this store and the clerks didn’t outright laugh at me. I never forgot that.
  • Elliott Consignment (3015 N. Broadway). Pretty things at itty-bitty prices.
  • Unabridged Bookstore (3251 N. Broadway). So cozy and crammed with treasures, it glorifies the nerdy bibliophile in me.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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