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My go-to movie cliches

My go-to movie cliches

If Zooey's in it, I'm going. Image:

It’s no secret I love movies. The ones I relish most are the indies: anything I can find playing here in good old Lakeview, at Music Box Theatre (3733 N. Southport) or Landmark Century Centre Cinema (2828 N. Clark). Low budgets and subtitles automatically make me feel smarter.

However, even indies have their fair share of cliches. Only instead of car crashes and Katherine Heigl, these films boast guitar music and deep conversation. And despite these cliches–or maybe because of them–I’m a sucker every time. Below are the Indie Movie Cliches that have me bouncing in my padded seat every time I spot one in a trailer:

  • The kind of soul-searching songs that appear on a mix CD you make in college. See also: Nick Drake, Paul Simon, Norah Jones.
  • Alternadude with artful bedhead and no discernible occupation. And dreams.
  • Peppy female sporting the kind of wardrobe I can only fantasize about affording. Bonus points if she has the pixie cut my pumpkin head could never, ever pull off.
  • Someone wondering “where is my home?” Out loud or with a single wistful gaze, doesn’t matter.
  • Zooey Deschanel.
  • Large messy apartment with pee-free front stoop where meaningful conversations will be had, preferably while quaffing PBR.
  • Unexpected yet wonderful pregnancy with no morning sickness and plenty of excited gasps when touching the mom-to-be’s sacred belly.
  • A 1980′s movie star, now grizzled and serious.
Any and all of the above, and you can guarantee I’ll be there opening night.
For further indie movie musings, check out my blog.

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