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‘The Homosexuals’: Measure your life in love

'The Homosexuals': Measure your life in love

British Mark (Benjamin Sprunger, L) and Evan (Patrick Andrews) discuss their entanglement in About Face Theatre's "The Homosexuals," running through Sunday. Image: About Face Theatre.

First a story: I was 18, scared as all get out and trying to hide it. On my first day as a theatre major at Loyola University Chicago, I got to class way too early and found myself sitting outside the studio’s locked door.

A very tall guy plopped down beside me with a big smile. “Hi!”

“Hi!” I replied, grateful for a friendly face. I noticed his bright yellow Chuck Taylors. “I love your shoes.”

And that’s how I met Philip Dawkins, author of “The Homosexuals,” About Face Theatre’s life-affirming play about sexuality and friendship.

Spanning ten years in the life of Evan, a young gay man who moves to the big city from Iowa, “The Homosexuals” deftly covers issues in the 21st century gay community. From being out at work to falling in unexpected love, Evan’s close-knit group of friends see each other through, or sometimes don’t. Interpreted by an incredible cast, Dawkins’ dialogue is achingly real – alternately gut-wrenching and hilarious.

Gay, straight and everywhere in between, most city dwellers rely on friends as family. Watching “The Homosexuals,” I thought of my own group, how we came together through this show or that mutual acquaintance. How we’ve weathered the loss of a parent, cross-country moves, career changes and depression – just in the past year. How I came to this city green and uncertain, and like Evan, found phenomenal people with whom to share my life.

Final performances of “The Homosexuals” are Thursday through Sunday at Victory Gardens’ Richard Christiansen Theater. For tickets, call (773) 871-3000 or click here.

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