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Meet Katie

Meet Katie

Katie Hartmann

Name: Katie Hartmann

Age: 23

Occupation: sales clerk

Dating Status: single

Where you would find me in Lakeview: Core Power Yoga

How long have you lived in Lakeview: I will be a new resident on Saturday.

Why do you live in Lakeview: It’s fun, it feels really young. There are so many storefronts and many of them are individually owned. I love how the neighborhoods mesh together, and it’s very easy to get around.

Dream concert ticket: I’m not a big concert-goer, it’s kind of embarrassing.

What super power would you like to have: I would love to fly.

What’s the last song stuck in your head: “Sugar, Sugar” by The Archies

Most embarrassing thing I’m willing to admit here: My friends and I play jokes on each other all the time, so I feel I’m pretty good at handling the embarrassment.

Dream travel destination: Australia

Describe Lakeview in three words: Young, homey, laid-back

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