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Home robberies, possible ninja involvement

Home robberies, possible ninja involvement

The picture that precedes this article was drawn by my friend, Mike, and depicts what he believes to have happened to his apartment last week. Recently, Mike’s apartment was robbed. And then, it was robbed again. Well yes, you might say. But how did the robber get in? What else was taken? Is everyone ok? Where did this happen?  What did Mike do wrong?

What’s interesting about these particular robberies are the bizarre details that surround them. You see, the robber entered through a window – a window on the third floor. Even though it wasn’t locked, it was closed. This means that some sort of ninja robber is actively scaling apartment buildings looking for unlocked windows. The window isn’t easily accessible either – the only possible way in (without using a ladder) is to somehow arrange yourself on top of the deck and then make a leap for a narrow window ledge. So the robber in question is either walking around with a ladder or carrying a ninja star. Either way, this is bad news.

The other odd thing about these robberies is that each time, the ninja/robber took only laptops, and each time only one of the roommates was in the apartment, asleep. This means that the robber was actually waiting and watching for opportune moments. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem so random. Even more terrifying, the five day gap was just long enough for one of my friends to buy a brand new $1400 macbook. During the second robbery, the new laptop was subsequently stolen. Did the robber know that a new laptop had been purchased? Who knows – but it certainly seems suspicious. All in all, the robber managed to steal over $4000 of personal electronics. Five separate laptops were stolen, which is apparently enough to get the police involved.

After dusting the apartment for fingerprints, the police were only able to find a single smudged handprint. While interesting, it didn’t lead them to anything. The robber is still around, and presumably still stalking potential victims and scaling walls. The most unfortunate thing about this situation is that it could have been prevented. The only way to get access to the back of the building is through a gate that surrounds the lot. Since my friends moved in, the gate has been broken and swinging open. Even though this problem has been brought to the attention of Estate Property management, they have done nothing to fix it. Even after these robberies, the gate still hangs open.

In light of the apparent crime spree in Hyde Park, my friend advises installing window locks, checking external gates and hunting ninjas. It all seems like good advice to me.

**If you happen to know anyone at Estate Property, please tell them to fix their gate. Also, if you see a black macbook with a cracked screen and a star sticker, please report it as stolen property before dodging inevitable hadaukens.**

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