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Must Love Football

If I were to ever fill out a singles ad I think it would look like this:

Single Black Female, seeking Hot Guy who loves to eat, can handle being around a big intrusive family,  and loves to watch football.

My Sundays and Mondays (and the occasional Thursdays and Saturdays) are dedicated to the grid iron. My love for football was born when I dated a football nut. He was so into the game that he would not answer calls or texts until commercials or half-time.  Now, I’m not the jealous type, but I found myself becoming increasingly more jealous of his 47 inch Vizo flat screen . I mean it got all of his attention, I often found myself giving the TV a side eye.

Guys love sports, I guess it is in their DNA… Instead of fighting this, we as women should be rejoicing over the fact that they are able to display  love, dedication, and commitment to something. We should take this as an opportunity to bound with our mates. My suggestion is to try to learn more about your Manfriend’s favorite sport. The best way to do this is to watch ESPN. It’s like the Headline News of sports. ESPN’s flagship program Sports Center is a great resource. The show condenses an entire day or weekend of sports activities into one hour. That means you don’t have to sit and watch 4 hours of baseball. Hallelujah! Instead you can watch  Project Runway and then flip to Sports Center for the highlights.  Oh, this next part is important — make sure you pay attention to comments the anchors make about certain plays.  You can drop those into a conversation later. You don’t have to be a statistician or anything, just learn enough  about the sport to fake a conversation.

You would be the “best girlfriend ever” if you got your boo tickets to his favorite sporting event and actually went with him and had a great time. I had no idea of what an “on side kick”  or a “DB” was, but when I started participating in football conversations with the Ex-Manfriend and his friends they were blown away by my understanding of the game. Haha, Suckers. Trust me when I say falling in love with a sport will help your love life.

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