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It’s research… not stalking

I have a crush. aaaah. I know right. Its such a ridiculous feeling, to like someone and not have them know. Very elementary school, but how could I possibly tell this man I’d like to have his babies! Before I get emotionally invested in someone based on their physical appearance and public persona I need to do some research. I’m a journalist, it is in my nature to research information. Thank God for Google.

Now, some may think what I am doing is “stalking”. I say no. I am not sitting outside of this man’s house in the dark watching his every move. I just need to know if he is crazy or not. Checking his digital footprint allows me to learn a lot about him, without having to speak to him (I clam up every time I am around him). For example if he is on Twitter and every tweet is explicit or derogatory, then he is not “The One”. If his Facebook wall is covered with multiple comments from the “Ex” there could be some lingering drama. My one piece of advice to anyone, male or female, is Google your crush. Employers Google prospective hires, so why shouldn’t you Google the person you may potentially spend the rest of your life with?

In my case, Google helped fill in the blanks on some things in his past. Plus, I discovered he does not have a girlfriend. Score! I already knew a handful of things about my crush, like he hangs out in Hyde Park a bit. During my “research”, I discovered  one of his favorite restaurants is Park 52 on Lake Park Avenue. The food there is excellent and it is just up the street from my “bacherlorette pad”.  I also discovered he likes to mentor young children, so do I. He loves football, so do I. This is honestly a match made in heaven. When I finally get the nerve to speak to him , I can mention some of the things I learned. Starting with my  love for Park 52 and BOOM there goes the conversation (that doesn’t flow as well as “boom, there goes the dynamite”, but I’m sticking to it).

When we get married I’m totally inviting the Google Boys and Mark Zuckerberg,



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