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5 Reasons I Would Date a Vampire

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (i.e. Harry Potter 7) this weekend. Before the movie started we were treated to a preview of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn…and I almost wet my pants. I’ve never actually read any of “The Twilight Saga” books, but I enjoy the movies. So much so, that I left my cousin’s wedding early so I could catch the opening day-midnight showing of  New Moon (oh btw- don’t tell Lady, my mom,  she thought I left early because I had to work early the next morning). I love the whole Vampire vs. Werewolf  thing in “Twilight”. I’m also obsessed with Vampire Diaries...um, Ian Somerhalder, need I say more. 

My love for men of the undead is relatively new. Brought on by the recent Vampire craze from the last couple years. What can I say, I have always been fascinated by the idea of people or things possessing supernatural abilities.  So after watching the preview for Breaking Dawn, I began to wonder could I ever date a vampire? The answer at first was no, but then after a robust convo with The Roomie I quickly changed my answer to a yes.

Here are my reasons why:

5.They’re Eternally Hot-  Vampires don’t age. So if a vamp was killed at 25, he’ll look 25 when he’s really like 198.  I am all Team No Wrinkles. (This could also be seen as a bad thing, based on the fact that I will age while they stay all beautiful like a Ken Doll)

4. They’re Super Strong- Finally someone who can open the jelly jar or pop the cork out of a wine bottle. What can I say, I love me some  PB & J sandwiches  and Moscato (well, not together)

3. They Have Supernatural Abilities- I hate to walk, so any guy that can pick me up and jump me to the next location is A-oh-kay with me.

2. They’re in Touch with Their Feelings- That Edward-Bella love is borderline obsessive, but she never has to worry about how he is feeling. Seriously, like every other scene in the movies he is crying or telling her about how much he loves her

1. They Glitter Like Diamonds- In Twilight whenever the vamps stepped into sunlight their entire body glittered. How awesome is that,  I mean what girl doesn’t like Diamonds…

I know there are some serious negatives to dating a vampire… most notably the whole killing people to eat thing, but when I think about it, at least with a vampire I know who-and what he is. Unlike some of these “gentlemen” I find myself  dating who turn out to be real monsters.

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