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I turned 28 years old today and you know what my father told me? He told me, I am in the “Prime baby making age”… Thanks Dad, thanks. Not only is my body constantly reminding me that I am slacking in the “Mommy Department”, but now my crazy African Dad is also popping off at the mouth about it.
And to top it all off my roommate and a couple other friends are getting married this year. The parade of bridal magazines, fittings, tastings, and talks of pending parenthood are enough to make me want to slice my wrist sometimes. Now, don’t get me wrong – I am oh, so happy for The Roomie and her Soon-to-Be Husband, but at times I am a tiny bit jealous and I am woman enough to admit it (any single woman who says she is not jealous of a friend getting married is a liar). When I think about it, I am not so much jealous of my friends upcoming weddings, as I am at the fact they has found “The One”.¬† Their searches have ended. No longer do they have to put on the tight dresses, the sky high heels, and pounds of make-up and go carousing the streets of Chicago (that description makes me sound like a hooker, rest assured, I am not). They get to curl up on the couch with their boos¬† and watch a movie- while I am dodging Mr. I Bought You a Drink, Now Can I Get Your Number.

My attempts at finding “The One” have been less than stellar. There was this one time I thought I found a potential manfriend at Third World Cafe, he turned out to be gay. Then there was the lovely young man I met at the BP Gas Station, on Lake Park Ave, he later asked me if I was interested in being in rap video. Duh, that is totally my life long dream. Sigh. With that being said, I have decided to go outside the box and my comfort zone and approach men I am interested in. I have decided that life is too short to wait in the wings and hope and pray some fine and tall man sees me sipping my grande white hot chocolate (no whip) at Starbucks. I’m going to take my time and look at all possibilities. I am not going to rush into finding a mate because my “biological clock is ticking” or because dozens of friends are saying their vows. We’ll see how long this bravado lasts.

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