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Zombies vs. Skeletons at Cobra Lounge

Zombies vs. Skeletons at Cobra Lounge

In any given month, you have countless weekly parties launched all across Chicago. About 7% survive past their first two months. Ok, that number may not be “statistically accurate or based on any specific actual numbers” but you get my gist. It’s hard out there to throw a weekly. You have not only booking talent, but attracting a crowd and then KEEPING your crowd if your lucky enough to draw a dedicated base.

That is why I have been impressed with Zombies vs. Skeletons at Cobra Lounge every Wednesday. When I first heard the concept (metal bands early in the night followed by DJs later on) I was intrigued. Who goes to something like this? Will it be just enough of an odd ball mixture that people dig it? I’ve always been a big fan of juxtaposing different genres of music but it’s a tough line to walk. Well, they did it. Zombies vs. Skeletons seems to have found a lucrative spot reminiscent of when electro scene is fused with the jam band scene.

After going strong for a few months and gaining momentum, the night has turned into a verifiable Wednesday night staple. In the four or five nights I have attended, the crowd is consistently solid. The DJ lineups cross breed with various other weekly, bi-weekly or monthly scene talent and has an overall communal vibe. Johnny Zombo and his motley crew have taken this night and made it their own. With an overall raw and morals out the window vibe, this is exactly what your mother warned you about.

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