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Texts from an ex

An ex of mine, who I had just ran into not too long ago…with his new girlfriend… texted me to tell me to come to some art show/gallery/party/film deal-yo. Now we had a semi-amiable parting, but we did not stay friends and I hadn’t had any sort of contact with him, minus running into him, in months.

Wait what!? I cannot fathom how these guys go down their contact list and send women they’ve been with invitations to their concerts/art shows/films, whatever.

Take me off your mass text message list. I only want to be on that list if you’ve realized that a) you’re in love with me and realized all the delight you are missing or b) you have a cute friend to introduce me to. That’s the only reason to want to see a text from an ex.

I have always been under the camp of once you’re done, you’re done. I don’t want to hang out or talk about your new love or really ever see you again. If I run into you, sure, politely say, “hello, how are you?” and move along. Like I said, it wasn’t a bad break up or anything, but I don’t need the skeletons in my closet or the baggage to carry along.

This is what happens when you date all these artists who are desperate to get people to their concerts/art shows/films. Because yeah, that’s what I want to do tomorrow night, get in a room with 238 other women you’ve slept with, including the current one who you’re banging. Sounds fabulous.

And he even had the audacity to tell me I could bring a date.

I politely (well maybe not that politely) declined.


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