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Renegade Handmade was packed on Sunday, just a few days after they announced that they were closing the storefront January 31. Not all of the customers knew about the closing (even with the giant “We’re Closing” painted on the front window), but most were taking advantage of the huge sales.

Prints and T-shirts have definitely been the biggest sellers, said employees Meg Stevens and Lizzie Tiritilli, who were busy behind the register that afternoon.

The two found out about the store closing last week, when the owner, Sue Daly, came into the store and announced it to the staff. “It’s sad to see it go,” said Stevens, “because we have some really great customers. But it’s a really good thing.” The store closing allows more efforts and resources — including some of the Renegade Handmade employees — to be put into the ever-growing Renegade Craft Fair, which now takes place in six cities across the world.

“It’s all very positive,” Stevens said. “We’re expanding.”


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Another City Council Remap Submitted; Field Hearings To Begin /bucktown-wicker-park/news-report/2012/01/09/another-city-council-remap-submitted-field-hearings-to-begin/ /bucktown-wicker-park/news-report/2012/01/09/another-city-council-remap-submitted-field-hearings-to-begin/#comments Mon, 09 Jan 2012 21:09:45 +0000 jessicacantarelli /bucktown-wicker-park/uncategorized/2012/01/09/another-city-council-remap-submitted-field-hearings-to-begin/ The Roscoe View Journal reports:

<blockquote>A new proposed map for Chicago City Council wards was submitted to City Council by the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund (MALDEF) yesterday, as the debate over how to readjust ward lines to 2010 Census data heats up.</blockquote>

Read more <a href=”http://www.roscoeviewjournal.com/news/another-city-council-remap-submitted-field-hearings-to-begin” target=”_”>at Roscoe View Journal</a>

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Street style: One with the wall /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/09/street-style-one-with-the-wall/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/09/street-style-one-with-the-wall/#comments Mon, 09 Jan 2012 19:50:54 +0000 Isa Giallorenzo /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2974152

I love this new Wicker Park mural. Amandine in front of it just makes it perfect. She should live there.

See more Chicago Street Style at Chicago Looks.



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Renegade Handmade storefront closing /bucktown-wicker-park/news-report/2012/01/06/renegade-handmade-storefront-closing/ /bucktown-wicker-park/news-report/2012/01/06/renegade-handmade-storefront-closing/#comments Fri, 06 Jan 2012 15:21:22 +0000 Ruthie Kott /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2972329 The beloved Division Street shop, which features DIY goods from more than 400 artists, is closing its doors after more than half a decade in Wicker Park:

A spokesperson for the company told The A.V. Club that an economic smackdown wasn’t the driving force for this decision. On the contrary, the Renegade Craft Fair spin-off was a financial success. Instead, the trigger was pulled due to constant travel with the national fairs. Maintaining the store could put the namesake in jeopardy.

Read more: Renegade Handmade closing up shop in Wicker Park — A.V. Club.

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Logan Square Unites Against Sexual Assault rally scheduled for Monday /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/05/logan-square-unites-against-sexual-assault-rally-scheduled-for-monday/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/05/logan-square-unites-against-sexual-assault-rally-scheduled-for-monday/#comments Thu, 05 Jan 2012 20:02:35 +0000 Melinda McIntire /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2972269 In response to the rape and assault in Logan Square on New Year’s Eve the community is coming together to help rally against sexual assault. The event is scheduled in the Logan Square community on Monday, January 9th at 5:30 pm. The event will start outside of the Congress Theater at 2135 N. Milwaukee and walk to the site of the victim’s assault.

Check out the Facebook invitation here and the attached flier.

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Don’t be a bystander: Thoughts on the Logan Square rape and assault /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/01/dont-be-a-bystander-thoughts-on-the-logan-square-rape-and-assault/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2012/01/01/dont-be-a-bystander-thoughts-on-the-logan-square-rape-and-assault/#comments Mon, 02 Jan 2012 03:39:07 +0000 Melinda McIntire /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2966467 As you may have heard, a woman was brutally beaten into an unconscious state and raped by 6 men, according to the Trib right next to the Congress Theater on Milwaukee Avenue.

As a single woman who lives, travels, walks alone in Logan Square, Wicker Park, Uki Village and throughout the city, the incident is terrifying and harrowing. The victim of this crime was found naked in a front lawn. Right next to the theater where hundreds of people were attending an event. At 9:30 PM! On New Year’s Eve!

No one saw this!? No one heard her? Right on the street? No one intervened? As I write this, tears come from my eyes because how disturbed I am. I know this isn’t the only case of violence to women throughout this city, but this one has hit home. It’s right in my back yard. My best friend lives right down the street.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and the best thing about that is you know your neighbors. They look out for you. Or so I thought.

Please. I beg you my fellow Chicagoans. Don’t be a bystander. Call the police. Do something. Yell. Scream. Get someone to help you. Just call 911. This is imperative.

Everyone knows the rules for safety about walking alone, going places by yourself, the standards of being alone. But at some point, you should be able to walk down the street and live your life. Look out for those around you and look out for your neighborhood. Don’t be a bystander.

My thoughts are with the victim. Be careful out there and take care of each other.

 Updated information here, 1/3/2012.

You know anything? Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Harrison Area detectives at 312-746-8252.


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Last Dusty Grooves of the year tonight at Cobra Lounge /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/29/last-dusty-grooves-of-the-year-tonight-at-cobra-lounge/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/29/last-dusty-grooves-of-the-year-tonight-at-cobra-lounge/#comments Thu, 29 Dec 2011 20:55:15 +0000 Melinda McIntire /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2966312 About a year ago, I stumbled into Cobra Lounge on a Thursday night after a Time Out Chicago event nearby. I discovered the wonder and joy that is Thursday night’s Dusty Grooves at Cobra Lounge. Each week, Cobra plays tunes from the 50s and 60s, and the place takes me to what I think would be a sock hop out of the era, just with women’s rights and more hipsters.

Dusty Grooves has become my favorite part of the week. I grew up listening to the oldies, and not often do I get to dance and twirl to this music either. And the best part is that no one (read: me) looks stupid dancing to oldies music, because well, you can do whatever you want. I usually lose my voice from singing so loudly. The joy that comes to me from hearing, “If You Wanna Be Happy” by Jimmy Soul is really unexplainable.

They also have great specials, including $3 Singha Beer, $3 Wells, $3 Jameson shots, and 35 cent wings. You can also pose for a picture in the photobooth too.

Tonight is the final Dusty Grooves of 2011, and as I’m on a staycation til January 3rd, you can find me there dancing, twirling and singing tonight.

Check out the Facebook invite here. Cobra Lounge is located at 235 N. Ashland and is well worth the short cab or train ride. See you there!

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Looking forward to a laid-back NYE /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/28/looking-forward-to-a-laid-back-nye/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/28/looking-forward-to-a-laid-back-nye/#comments Wed, 28 Dec 2011 16:17:13 +0000 Daniela Garcia /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2964395 Hello! I disappeared off the face of the earth because I went home for the holidays. Home being a small town in the middle of nowhere in Texas. And I made the grave error of not bringing my laptop with me, since the family desktop decided to start doing this thing where it doesn’t work. But I’m back as of today! How I’ve missed you, Chicago. Even with your frigid temperatures.

Anyway, 2011 is ending this weekend. This is a concept that I’m still having trouble processing. I’ll wake up on Sunday morning (hopefully without a hangover) and it’ll be 2012. Just like that. Weird.

A couple of weeks ago, Melinda put together a great list of cover-free bars in the ‘hood to check out for NYE. I’m not really sure why anyone would want to spend almost 100 bucks on one evening, but if you’re the kind of person who can drink $100 in booze in a matter of hours, more power to you. I am in the group of people who refuse to do so and I’m glad that anyone who shares my sentiment has Melinda’s list to reference.

I personally am looking forward to a fairly laid-back New Year’s Eve. I stayed in last year, which was pretty dull so I’m looking forward to going out and getting some drinks. But as much as I love Wicker Park, I don’t doubt that the majority of all bars in the ‘hood will be more or less packed. Packed does not equal laid-back in my mind. So, I will mostly likely be celebrating elsewhere in our fair city. While my plans aren’t solid yet, my boyfriend and I have picked out a couple of options in his much, much quieter neighborhood.

What will you guys be doing to bring in the new year?

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Dating during the holidays is pointless /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/20/dating-during-the-holidays-is-pointless/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/20/dating-during-the-holidays-is-pointless/#comments Wed, 21 Dec 2011 02:55:06 +0000 Melinda McIntire /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2961672 While the holidays are a good time to get together with friends and family and maybe make eyes over peppermint lattes at the cute guy at Starbucks, overall it is not a good time to start dating someone. There is out-of-town travel, family visiting town, countless parties, and general commitments that don’t allow much time for setting up dates with someone you just started seeing. You may as well just give it up until January 3rd and in the meantime they can hope you don’t find a new one to kiss at midnight on New Year’s.

For example, in the last day I’ve gotten the following comments from potential suitors:

I really want to hang out before you go but this week is nuts for me, I have a friend in from Israel and another finishing law school. That’s on top of a crazy work week. I just got out of work and I have to work at 8:30 tomorrow.

The holiday is throwing my life off.

None of these potential suitors, and countless others, have particularly been great at making plans in the first place, and am quite sure the holiday season is yet another excuse why they cannot set plans. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Pass me a twinkletini. (I’m sure if any of them read this post, they’ll be sure never to make plans with me!)

For my holidays, I’m off to the wonders of Central Illinois on Thursday, where the potential suitors all wear camouflage…and not for hunting… for fashion.

Happy holidays Chicago! I’ll be back on Monday.

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Street style: Pure fabulousness /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/20/2961167/ /bucktown-wicker-park/viewpoint/2011/12/20/2961167/#comments Wed, 21 Dec 2011 02:28:08 +0000 Isa Giallorenzo /bucktown-wicker-park/?p=2961167

Shooting street style has a lot to do with hunting or mining. There’s a lot of luck involved. So when you spot someone like Fay in the street, it’s like you found gold.

As I was running my errands along Milwaukee Ave. I ran into Fay and her boyfriend fresh from NY in front of Francesca’s, looking for a good place to have brunch (of course I sent them straight to The Bongo Room). I wasn’t the only lucky one to find her: she has been shot by The Sartorialist too (see picture here).

Check out Fay’s site here and see more Chicago Street Style at Chicago Looks.


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