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Meet Rege

Meet Rege

You can generally catch Rege on or around Division Street.

Name: Rege [pronounced “Reggie”] Panti

Age: 34

What do you do for a living?: Bar management and salon management [She manages Swagger, a men’s salon on Division, and manages and bartends at Union Park Lounge on Jackson and Racine.]

What’s your dating status?: I am involved in a relationship. We live together—very happy.

Where can you most often be found in Wicker Park?: Always on Division Street, just because I work at the salon here, so I’m just always bouncing around from bar to bar, or every now and then I’ll kind of wander up to Six Corners.

What’s your favorite bar?: I’m a big fan of The Fifty/50 because of the food, and Boundary because I know a lot of people that work there.

Why do you live in Chicago? Right now, I have no idea. [laughs] Every winter, I want to move, but I live here because, well, it’s Chicago. I love it. I was born in the Midwest, so this is very comfortable for me. It’s a big, huge city with a small-town ambiance, and I like that. And the summers here are irresistible, so you just have to keep that in the back of your mind even on the worst winter day, and you can make it through.

Why did you choose to live in Wicker Park?: It chose me. I lived in Lakeview and kind of went through some stuff and was looking for a place, and it just was the most convenient and best price that I could find. I actually live in Ukrainian Village, but it’s right on the border, and I’ve been in this neighborhood for eight years now. So I’ve watched it really change over the last almost-decade. It’s amazing how much it’s grown, and I can’t move out of it now. Now I love it; it’s home. People are great—it’s a very eclectic, yet not-so-far-out-there combination of people.

How many layers of clothing did you walk out the door with today?: Well, I only have two layers on, but I thought I would be driving. And then when I could not carve the six inches of ice off my tires, I walked. So I walked about a mile to work today, and it wasn’t too bad. I’m starting to dread the walk home a little bit, just because it’s dark.

What would be your dream concert ticket? Wow, honestly I would have to say it would be a very private, almost sit-down event with Sheryl Crow. I used to be in a band, so I’m really big into female-fronted music of any kind.

Were you a singer?: Yes. I’m currently looking for a new project, but right now just singing in the shower mostly.

What superpower would you like to have?: I always say I want to read people’s thoughts, but I know that that would be the worst superpower to have.

What’s the last song you had stuck in your head?: It’s so funny, because it’s this song playing right now! I’m going to go to the Cold War Kids concert in March, so I’ve been a little obsessed with them lately. Cold War Kids, “We Used to Vacation.”

What’s the most embarrassing thing that you would be willing to talk about here?: Oh, Jesus, there’s a list a mile long! Honestly, one of the most embarrassing things—and this is appropriate for this time of year—it took me well into adulthood to get that joke, when people say, “See you next year,” because they left school [for winter break]. And then I thought, oh, it’s gonna be a year until we see each other again; that’s hilarious. Literally in my mid-20s it dawned on me that, no, it is actually a different year.

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