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  • Age: 32
  • 'Hood: Wicker Park
  • Fave spot: Rodan, Big Star, The Violet Hour, Francesca's Forno ... all the classics!

I love the streets, I love Chicago, I love photography, I love people and I love fashion. So guess what? In April 2009, a few months after moving from São Paulo, Brazil, I started a streetstyle blog, Chicago Looks. It has been one of my main sources of fun since then. My goal is to prove ANYONE can be fashionable, and that it's really worth trying. Beautiful and authentic people make me happy. I hope my pictures make you happy too!

Street style: Cluck clutch

Street style: Cluck clutch

Krystal just killed me with this ultra fun hen bag. Love the way she sneaked warm colors into her look, after all it’s winter and we need a bit of sunshine. Her frames give her a catwoman/Enid-from-Ghost-World flair, which makes total sense since she’s a cartoonist. Check out her blog here. See more Chicago Street…


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