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Shock Theater to screen horror movies monthly

Shock Theater to screen horror movies monthly

Amazing news, classic horror flick lovers: The Wicker Park Arts Center will start hosting monthly creepy old movie nights, starting June 3. From Chicagoist:

If there’s one thing we know we love, it’s classic horror movies being projected in a dark room through honest-to-God celluloid. So we’re among the happiest people to find out that CIMMFest and former Bank of America Cinema programmer Michael Phillips has a new monthly program called Shock Theater at the Wicker Park Arts Center.

Screenings will take place on the first Friday every month, with a start time (9p.m.) and location (a church basement) well-chosen to heighten the mood. Shock Theater kicks off with a double bill of haunted house classics, William Castle’s immortal The House on Haunted Hill followed by The Screaming Skull, on June 3. With a live appearances by “Emergo, the Ghastly Ghoul,” and “the REAL Screaming Skull” as well as offers of “free burials for anyone who dies of fright,” it sounds like a must-attend for any local self-respecting fans of the genre. Sister Helen Highwater of the Underground Multiplex will serve as hostess, with more guests on tap for the rest of the schedule:

Check out the full schedule:  New Horror Movie Series Shock Theater to Deliver Monthly Fright: Chicagoist.

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