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Trubble at Quimby’s on Free Comic Book Day

Shea Cahill knows exactly how she does not want to die: “My worst nightmare is going back to Pensacola [Florida],” where she’s from, “and being giant and alone and eating Mickey D’s and then dying of a heart attack while looking at the beautiful ocean. Although it would be a beautiful view.”

Cartoonist Jeremy Tinder hit close to home with a drawing of Cahill’s death scene. After she told him where she was from, Tinder thought, “It would just be funny to make her morbidly obese and having a heart attack on the beach.”

I’ll give you some seagulls in the distance too,” he told Cahill, who was also giving away one of her own free comics at Quimby’s Bookstore (1854 W. North Ave.) that day.

Last Saturday marked the international Free Comic Book Day, and for the second year in a row, members of the cartoonist group Trubble Club hung out in the back of Quimby’s Bookstore for a few hours that night and drew people’s stories. This year’s artists — Tinder, Grant Reynolds, Laura Park, Nate Beaty and Joe Tallarico — focused on awkward humor. As in, not just death scenes, but also how the person was conceived.

Reynolds drew Cahill’s moment of conception from her father’s perspective. He asked her to describe her father, and according to Reynolds, “she said he had the same haircut as her.”

“I said, ‘He looks like me but with a mustache,’” Cahill clarified. Let’s just say the conception moment was pure artistic expression.

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