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Breaking: Deer family relocated

Breaking: Deer family relocated

The Boystown deer (WGN photo)

RedEye ‘Hoods just received word from Max Bever, the director of communications for Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), that the mother deer and her two fawns were successfully relocated Saturday morning.

Stay tuned for more details as we hear about them.

UPDATE (12:07 p.m.): Chicago Wildlife News has posted more info:

For the trip, dubbed “Operation Doe A Deer,” animal control officers tranquilized the mother deer and wrapped the two fawns in blankets.

“The babies made terrible sounds when we scooped them up in blankets — it was heart-wrenching,” Cherie Travis, ACC executive director, wrote to in an email.

The family was reunited shortly after, and the fawns appear to be doing well in their new location.

Read the full story at Chicago Wildlife News.

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