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Nancy Drew and the door to door deception

Nancy Drew and the door to door deception

I would never  rejoice in the  shuttering of a business in our fine neighborhood UNLESS of course it was Mr. Taco or the new Walmart Express, in both cases I would relieve myself upon the ashes. Lately though the turnover clip has picked up some serious amphetamine-like speed. Paradise Empanadas and Sura didn’t even make it through the summer. Both “gay’ clothing stores, Universal Gear and His Stuff, have both bitten the dust. But perhaps what is most bizarre is the “faux” closures on the fair blocks of Boystown.  Like faux fur the circumstances that surround it all remain a mystery to me.

Mystery #1, FÜL

Admittedly, I liked FÜL when it opened this summer.  My fondness for it and this season of Glee has waned though in the late fall.  The service never really picked up its pace. The hulking “straight” waiters never propositioned/ravaged me.  The fare beyond the smoothies wasn’t really all that healthy.  Ironically, FÜL wasn’t all that filling either.  You see, I like love to eat! I still saw this place succeeding, however, considering its prime position on Broadway so I was still a little surprised a couple of weeks ago to see the lights off and the above note hastily taped to the door.  In “hibernation” for the winter months, can we REALLY expect to see FÜL come spring?  We need FÜL disclosure.

Mystery #2, Cocktail

Cocktail is (was?) my least favorite bar on the Halsted strip.  I’m sure the sidewalk patio cafe abortion they served up this summer, still born, did not help matters (financially) either. Who wouldn’t like to scarf down some quesadillas with a side of strippers?   Apparently no one, I think I saw a total of 20 people eating in “the gardens” all summer. Ironically, one of the strippers had the phrase “never give up” tattooed on his back. Seemingly, though, they have at least for the time being.  Previously, a hurriedly posted note also appeared on its door.  It claimed that Cocktail was closed for a private event and would reopen in the new year.  The new year has come and this note has since been removed.  Is “never give up” already dancing for dimes and popcorn at the Shoe or is he going to stage a last-call comeback? The plot thickens…

Do we need to hire the gang from Scooby-Doo to get to the bottom of these gay boy mysteries?  Beyond Shaggy, we all know Fred, with that scarf, was a closeted friend of Dorothy too and perhaps, a guy in a mask really is behind it all. Paging Nancy Drew.

What do you miss that has closed recently in Boystown?

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