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New civil union numbers for Cook County, Illinois

New civil union numbers for Cook County, Illinois

(Waymon Hudson for RedEye)

It seems like couples are still lining up to get civil unions at a steady pace in Cook County. The county clerk’s office issued 831 civil union licenses in June and another 125 in the first half of June. The Tribune breaks it down:

So far the clerk’s office has brought in more than $37,000 in new revenues from license fees and other related charges.

Data from the Cook County clerk provides a demographic snapshot of those who took advantage of the new law in its first month.

The youngest person to apply for a civil union license was 18, the oldest 93 and there were 34 couples in which one partner was 70 or older. More than half of the couples who applied for licenses had at least one partner who was college-educated.

This further information comes after Equality Illinois said that 1,618 civil union licenses were issued across the entire the state of Illinois in the month of June, showing the steady stream of couples still entering into unions. The law continues to be at the center of some controversy, however, with the decision from the Illinois Department of Revenue that denies couples in civil unions the ability to file joint state tax returns like their married counterparts. Beyond the “separate and unequal” issues around the law, there is a continued fight from Catholic Charities over having to follow the law and provide adoption services to couples in civil unions, despite their over $30 million in state funding they receive.

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